Siblings Against Drugs

Our Mission statement:

 Siblings Against Drugs is an organization dedicated to fighting the overdose crisis through social media and events throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the sake of every family that is affected by addiction.

Our Team

Griffin Shamash


After losing my brother, Tyler, I knew I needed to help other siblings deal with this unimaginable loss.  The loss of a sibling is like losing part of your identity.

Alex Shamash and Josh Nadler


Alex lost her younger brother, Tyler, a year ago. She has joined her brother, Griffin , to help other siblings.  

Josh Nadler lost his big brother, Brett, a year and a half ago.  He looks in the mirror every morning and sees his brother as they were  often mistakes as twins. 

Our Events

International Overdose Awareness Event

We joined forces with our moms, MomsAgainstDrugs, to hold an International Overdose Awareness and Pr

We joined forces with our moms, founders of Moms Against Drugs, to help sponsor an International Overdose Awareness Event in LA. August 31 2019. We had over 250 in attendance. 

Our next Event. Drug Epidemic Awareness Walk in Las Vegas


Join us as we carry banners with pictures of all our lost loved ones walking down the strip in Las Vegas.