We are our Sons’ Voices We are 4 moms with same purpose

About Us

There is an old saying, β€œOut of something bad, make something good.”  In this instance it would be, β€œTry to make something good come out of the most devastating thing a mother can experience.” 

Debi Nadler’s 28-year-old son, Brett, died of a drug overdose in May 2018.  She has been active in the online Grieving Mom Community, working to end the stigma against drug users.  She reached out to fellow mom, Juli Shamash, when she learned of the death of Juli’s 19-year-old son, Tyler, in October 2018.  The two moms realized that their sons had lived across the hall from each other for a short time in the same treatment center. Juli and Debi bonded over their similar experiences and losses, and decided they wanted to work together to address the overdose epidemic and support the prosecution of drug dealers who cause drug-induced deaths. The two moms have formed an organization called β€œMoms Against Drugs” with the goals of promoting drug abuse awareness and overdose prevention and providing resources and support to other moms who want to put on awareness events in their neighborhoods. 

Debi lives in Las Vegas and enjoys spending time with her family and two gorgeous grandchildren.  She is passionate about carrying on Brett’s legacy of supporting animal rescue organizations.  Juli lives in Los Angeles and is busy with her husband raising her son and daughter, and doing volunteer work.  She continues to honor Tyler’s legacy of generosity by promoting random acts of kindness in his name.

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With Love,

Debi &Juli πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


About Us

Hope Movement Hagen’s Army DEAWAA National Coordinator


losing Hagen in March 2019 did not stop me from fighting this epidemi, it actually strengthened me to fight harder in Hagen’s honor. immesisterly, i realized the need for someone to comfort grieving parents who had just found themselves in my shoes. I reached out to funeral homes and became the voice that soothes and let them know they were not alone. People are dying.  Children.  Are.  Dying.  And there’s another generation coming that will die the same way if more isn’t done.  

Tomorrow I will speak to who knows how many people at an awareness event.  I will share with them the reasons I refuse to devote only one day a year to speaking a truth no one wants to hear.  Your child could be next.   I didn’t want to hear it.  But here I am.  One child in heaven and one child trying to navigate a world that glorifies drug use until your hooked, and then turns its back as it points a finger.  

These two are why I will not be a one day a year voice.  I will tell the ugly and beautiful truth about the one that is waiting on me and I will literally fight hell to keep the other one from falling into the same trap that his brother did.  Both of my boys are exceptional.  Both have enormous hearts of compassion.  Both make me proud to be their mom.  

Until every parent joins in this fight, I will fight for your child too.  This epidemic - this annihilation of our youth is just getting started.  And so am I.  And so are some fierce mommas on the same mission.  HagensArmy #HopeMovement #mct

Can you See Me Now Founder in honor of Trey Trey.

Can You See Me Now Founder in memory of her son Trey