Drug Epidemic Awareness Walk Across America

We have united many groups/individuals throughout our country to make a difference. It takes a village!  Our lost loved one’s faces on our banners are speaking volumes!

We have walks planned in cities throughout the US and one in Canada. Please join us 

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Join Us!

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 This Is A Nationwide Event. 

We will have events in every State!


Kick off To our Drug Epidemic Walks Across America

November 22 2019 Las Vegas Awareness Walk

Our first state will be Nevada in Las Vegas. 

On Nov. 22, we are hosting a walk in Las Vegas to raise awareness about the drug epidemic that stole our son’s Brett and Tyler along with  72,000 other beautiful souls that year. We are also walking to get legislation passed to require Mental Health and Drug Awareness  Education in grades K-12. The organizers of the event are in the group that no one wants to join. The loss of our children compels us to save others from experiencing this pain. We are doing this in memory of our own children and to protect yours.

*****UPDATE****** Our Walk was a success. We have many more states now signed up.  

SafeLaunch is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Santa Barbara. Our mission is to prevent childhood exposure to all intoxicants that lead to addiction. 90% of substance use disorders begin before age 18.


We are joining with Can You See Me Now

Tracie is a wonderful  mom who lost her beautiful son, Trey. She has dedicated her time in making these banners of all our loved ones we have lost. These banners are 8 feet long and hold 150 pictures each.  We are using these banners at all events nationwide to bring Awareness . She is now on banner 7 and unfortunately, this is an ongoing task as we are losing so many everyday. 

If you would like your loved oneβ€˜s Picture added to these banners, please request to join this sight. Keep in mind for the protection of our loved ones, we ask you please answer all questions to join. 


Our Banners so far

It takes a Village

We welcome any group. We know it takes a village to bring change. We want to help those actively struggling, those in recovery, and those who have lost family members and friends. 

Our public message is remember those lost, support those who love them, and protect this from happening to more children. This is a parent movement and there are millions of us. The stigma of addiction and mental health keeps grieving parents from coming out of the closet. We are here to say, join us in making a difference. Walk! Talk! Be seen and heard. You are not alone!  We strongly support the recovery community and through our grief we hope to help keep them strong !